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It seems interesting, I can't wait for more.

Thank you. It will be just a little while longer until the full release. :)

On a scale from 1 to 10 how close are you finishing this game? I'm kinda excited playing the full game.

Thanks for the comment. I'd say it's about a 9 right now as the volume of the game is so large. There's a real big surprise coming up in the near future.

A great demo you have here, I must ask, I've played through it twice so far, and I'm just asking to make sure, all of the screenshots provided are in fact in the demo? I believe I've only gotten one of them.

Hi there Joyvolt,

The screenshots provided are not in the demo, but are in the full game that is currently being made. Story wise, the demo only covers the first day (9/17) and the screenshots are from 9/19.

Thank you so much for trying out Aloe and Cal. If you have any other questions or comments I am always happy to answer them!