Experience a visual novel where you are the star!

Befriend lovable characters, make hundreds of choices, and learn why food is more than fuel!


Aloe and Cal is a visual novel where the player is the star. Players will enjoy a gently paced slice of life/romance story and interact with characters via dialogue choices. These choices can influence how a character interacts with players or how events in the story may unfold.

When playing Aloe and Cal players will learn about the importance of food from a lovable cast of characters that have multiple expressions which showcase their personalities. Bright visuals, catchy sounds, and nuanced characters will have players craving for more even after the story is over!


  • 30+ hours of story
  • You are the star in this visual novel.
  • Hundreds of choices to make. Immerse yourself in world of Aloe and Cal!
  • Branching paths in the story.
  • Lovable characters with multiple expressions that will keep you glued to the screen.
  • Simple, intuitive interface. Read without worry!


  • Expected release date: 2017
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, and iOS
  • Price: $15 or less
  • Suitable for ages: 13+
  • Website: www.aloeandcal.com

Install instructions

For Windows, unzip the downloaded file using a program such as winRAR and double click on the exe file.

For Mac, unzip the file and double click on the app file.


Aloe and Cal Demo - Windows.rar 92 MB
Aloe and Cal Demo - Mac.rar 96 MB

Development log


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A great demo you have here, I must ask, I've played through it twice so far, and I'm just asking to make sure, all of the screenshots provided are in fact in the demo? I believe I've only gotten one of them.

Hi there Joyvolt,

The screenshots provided are not in the demo, but are in the full game that is currently being made. Story wise, the demo only covers the first day (9/17) and the screenshots are from 9/19.

Thank you so much for trying out Aloe and Cal. If you have any other questions or comments I am always happy to answer them!